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Mission: Stream Invaders thrives to give our customers the most valuable live broadcasting experiences for personal and business growth with unique creativity and exceptional attention.   Vision: Unique Live Streaming for every occasion and every need.


Stream Invaders has a creative, branding-conscious approach and strong video production capabilities for personal and corporate needs. For a personal event or for a corporate event Stream Invaders will provide you with the best attention to detail and the most creative approach. We are the energetic, enthusiastic, tech-savvy and creative company for you.   Come Alive with Stream Invaders!

Social Events

Live Stream any event, concert, weddings or parties, through your Social Media channels and bring it to the people that couldn’t make it to the physical venue.


Improve your learning outcome, engage your students anywhere bringing the classroom to their location no matter where they are.


Expand your audience live stream your conference or meeting and maximize the value of the information by reaching virtual attendees.

Blockchain Videos

Stream Invaders wants to become the leading Media Company that specializes in video & audio production and post-production services and provides live streaming solutions for its clients, based on blockchain technology.