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Johannes began his production career in 1998 by directing and producing “Tail & Tail,” one of the first Venezuelan extreme sports television shows. In the ensuing years, he dedicated his creative skills to making music videos and TV commercials as a producer and assistant director for production agencies, including some of the country’s major film companies, and crafting pieces for well-known artists and brands.


Then, embracing his entrepreneurial side, Johannes established Manta Films and E-Group JVJ Caribe. Through these companies, he provided production services for international corporations like Toyota, Colgate Palmolive, and Procter and Gamble. He also directed several institutional videos and documentaries that served as educational tools for these companies.


Johannes then founded “Conferry TV,” a television station operating aboard the fleet of Conferry, the Caribbean’s largest ferryboat company. He created all the original programming, which was produced using local resources and talent from Margarita Island. Plus, he developed a sales and marketing team to sell commercial spots for the channel’s programming grid, landing major accounts like Movistar, Polar Enterprise, and Lido Hotel.


In 2013, Johannes moved to the US with his family and began producing commercials for use on social media platforms. He also started focusing more on his career as an electronic music producer, releasing several tracks for various labels around the world that can be found among the top track releases on Beatport, Traxsource, and iTunes.


In 2018 Johannes and his team began to produce videos for blockchain projects, from promotional videos to educational videos, he is the creator of the overall image, logos and marketing plan for Music Casper, a decentralized platform for music streaming that promises to change the way users and musicians interact with the web nowadays.


Johannes launched Stream Invaders in 2018. This innovative company produces high-quality, professional live-streaming videos with state-of-the-art equipment for branding and marketing purposes, and offers general video production and post-production services in the South Florida area.


Gabriela moved to the US in 2013 and began pursuing her interest in art direction and creative design. Since then, she’s been involved in video production, starting out by setting up scenery and décor for television commercials and documentaries.


More recently, she’s brought her creative touch to music video production projects. Notably, this includes the Studio Sessions Miami series, one of the first DJ mix videos live-streamed out of Miami, presenting key local talent and internationally known artists alike.

Additionally, Gabriela has worked alongside her husband and business partner Johannes Valero, assisting in video production for important clients in Miami and Orlando. She’s also one of the minds behind Stream Invaders.


In 2018 Gabriela started to create several graphic videos for Blockchain projects, she is in charge of developing the image for blockchain educational videos and blockchain commercial adds. Making this type of videos requires a basic understanding of this technology in order to be able to create a time line understandable not only by experts but by new comers too


For Gabriela, every job is an opportunity to innovate and pursue new ideas and techniques that help clients get the most out of their live-streaming productions. As art director, she is essential to the décor, design, look, feel, and messaging of all the scenes shot and broadcast by Stream Invaders.