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Live Streaming Video

  • Live Streaming HD video
  • Live Streaming with multiple cameras
  • Video Production
  • Aerial video (Drone)
  • Full post production services: editing, graphic design, 2D and 3D, Color correction, Compositing and ON-Line
  • Live Switching between cameras, transitions, lower thirds, chroma key, Virtual Sets, Audio Mixer, Scoreboards,  and much more.

Live Streaming Requirements

What do I need?

We need to have access to regular electric outlets.


Do I need WIFI?

Yes, you need to provide Stream Invaders team with a WIFI connection in order to Live Stream your video.


What internet Speed do I need to have? (at least 4-5 Mbps)?

Requirements for Live Streaming depend on the quality of the video you want to live stream, the better the resolution, the higher the internet bandwidth must be. A basic HD video stream with an upload speed of 5 mbps, and you should assign an exclusive WIFI connection for the streaming service for as long as the streaming will be.

Note: With an UPLOAD speed below 4 Mbps you won’t be able to live stream


Which Social media channels can we use to Stream Video?

We can Stream to Facebook live, Youtube , Twitter and periscope. We can also record to a disk, or use a virtual camera and microphone out (e.g. Skype).


Can we add Photos or graphics in the videos?

Yes, we can add photos, graphics, or even videos during the live streaming of your video. (This needs to be set up prior the live streaming date).


What type of sources can we input into the system?

HD cameras, Microphones, ISB, line In, XLR, and audio mixers.

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